Watch the full speech from Director General of Public Work Department - Datuk Seri Ir Dr Roslan Md Taha, at the Energy Efficient For Life (#EE4LIFE) that was held from 16th to 20th November at One Utama Shopping Centre.

Pictures for the launch of Energy Efficient For Life (#EE4LIFE) Showcase.

Energy Efficient For Life Showcase #EE4LIFE

Transforming Malaysia’s Building & Residential To Be More Energy Efficient

What do Malaysians understand about energy efficiency in buildings? What can they do to reduce their energy consumption at home other than normal practices such as unplugging unused appliances? Why Malaysians must be aware and get educated about energy efficiency in buildings? How is it related to climate change?

Get all the answers at our Energy Efficient For Life (#EE4LIFE) Showcase that will be held from 16th to 20th November at High Street Centre Court, One Utama. This showcase will introduce the energy efficient technologies and features that the public can use or install at home. Among our exhibitors are:

Panasonic - 5-star Appliances
Inovar - Heat Resistant Flooring
MIMG - Roof & Wall Insulation
Ajiya - Double Glazed Windows
Jotun - Heat Resistant Paint
Madoc - Smart Home Application
UEM Edgenta - EE Consultation
TNB ES - HEMS Application
Suruhanjaya Tenaga

For the whole 5 days, we expect the public will be educated about all the Active and Passive features that will reduce the energy consumption and at the same time to ensure the maximum comfort of your home.

See you there!