6 Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient


6 Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Don’t be surprised when we say making your homes or your buildings energy efficient is the cheapest method to slow down climate change and in fact, it could benefit you and your household in the long run.

But first, lets define energy efficiency in buildings.

"The energy performance of a building shall be determined on the basis of the calculated or actual annual energy that is consumed in order to meet the different needs associated with its typical use and shall reflect the heating energy needs and cooling energy needs (energy needed to avoid overheating) to maintain the envisaged temperature conditions of the building, and domestic hot water needs.” Source: Energy Performance of Buildings Directive of the European Union [EPBD 2010].

In a simple phrase – it is the art of using the least amount of energy while maintaining full operations within a building. But how can you make your buildings or your homes energy efficient?

Insulating or reflective paint

If you feel uncomfortable living in your house in the afternoon due to the incoming heat, its time for you to re-paint your house and roof with insulating paint. This paint is like a shield to your house as it has the power to reflect the heat from the sun, making it cooler from the outside temperature. This insulating paint is available in Malaysia at a very reasonable price.

Better windows

If you can spend some money to tint your car, why not spend a bit more to tint the all the windows of your house as well. It works the same way – to minimize the incoming heat. But if you have a little extra, why not switch to double glazed windows. It has 2 layers of insulation that double up the protection of the incoming heat to your house or your buildings.


Source: www.fsec.ucf.edu
Remember how your fancy hat protect your face from the sun light? That’s what you should do to your house as well. There are multiple choices of windows and roof shading that you can choose. Consider shades that not only minimize the incoming heat, but also promote natural air ventilation like louvre for instance. Planting trees at the right area could also be the natural shading for your house. It is the cheapest method but it will definitely take more time for it to be ‘functional’.

Monitor your bills

So how do you know your effort is paid off? Easy. By monitoring your utility bills. All the suggestions above could make you use less air-conditioner as your house or buildings are protected from the heat. This will definitely affect your utility bills as air-conditioners consume one of the highest electricity, compared to other appliances. Monitor your energy consumption and educate yourself which appliances have the highest energy usage to find out what more can you do to make your house or buildings even more efficient.


For the industrial field, re-lamping is essential as lighting has the highest electricity consumption. However, it is much better for residential to have efficient lighting system as well. This will be one of the easiest part of making your home or buildings energy efficient. Change all your bulbs to efficient bulbs might be a little bit expensive at the very beginning but it is all worth it as it last longer and consume less energy compared to the conventional bulbs.

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5 star energy appliances

Source: www.tnb.com.my
Conventional appliances are normally 3-star energy rated which will consume even more energy compared to the 5-star energy appliances. Obviously, people who are using conventional appliances will pay more utility bills. In Malaysia, we have 5-star energy air-conditioners, refrigerators, televisions and fans that you should switch to. This could cut your energy consumption in a long run, especially for those who cant live without their air-cond and big households with huge fridge capacity.

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