5-Star Energy Appliances: How Much Can You Roughly Save Annually?


5-Star Energy Appliances: How Much Can You Roughly Save Annually?

When you receive your electricity bill, you don’t pay much attention on which appliances consume most of the energy. You look at the amount and just pay for it. But, what if we tell you that you can reduce your electricity bill significantly by switching to 5-star energy appliances?

In Malaysia, we have four 5-star energy appliances that are certified by Energy Commission of Malaysia. It is refrigerator, air-conditioner, fan and television. Perhaps it is a little bit pricey compared to conventional appliances which will definitely make you think more than twice to purchase it. However, if we tell you how much is the annual savings when you use 5-star energy appliances, you might be interested to switch it.



We will give you just one reason for you to switch to or buy 5-star energy fridge. This is the appliance that you will switch on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the year! (Unless there is power breakdown) Tips on buying new 5-star energy fridge – inquire the sales person the best capacity to match your lifestyle and the amount of people living in your house. Its not necessary for you to purchase fancy 600L refrigerator if you have small family at home or if you always dine out.


Its good that you always switch off your television when no one is watching. Its also good that you set a timer to your television in case you fall asleep. But the main problem here is, you don’t realize that the electricity is still running when your television is on standby mode. According to Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia, 2.2 watt of electricity is running per hour when your television is on standby mode. Imagine how much electricity you will waste for the whole year when your television is on standby mode all the time. Switching to 5-star energy television could help you to reduce the amount of energy wasted.

Air-conditioner and Fan

Living in the tropical country like Malaysia will make us so attached to our air-conditioner. We hesitate to switch off our fan even no one is around because we believe it could promote better ventilation in our house. It is obvious air conditioner consumes high electricity but you switch it on all the time to have cooler temperature at home, just to make you feel comfortable. Well, you deserve to be comfortable at your own home, switch it on – no problem. But be wise enough to switch to 5-star energy air-conditioners and fans, so that you can enjoy the comfort and the significant reduction of your utility bill as well.